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双百企业名单重庆天宸律师事务所The meeting in such an embarrassing atmosphere, disagreeable, cao cao with at, xun yu and zhong yao and others returned to SiKongFu.Although the young body is sufficient, but it is difficult to hide that childish, a self-confessed brave children cold hum 1: "But a class of children, they kill with me!"Words not finished, head-on an arrow has been fired, Chen shrieks did not have time to send out, was tardif an arrow shot through the right eye, arrows from the back of the head used to, fell straight from the horse.

A circle of cracks appeared in the ground paved with bluestone, An invisible ripple to male broad sea as the center, spread to all sides, all people can clearly feel the ground in the moment of violent vibration a few times, five thousand shu army, unexpectedly by male broad sea a cry, shock dare not move, male broad sea behind, five hundred guanzhong elite quickly dispersed, a crossbow will lock these people."Fuck you!" Compared to wei, zhang fei at the moment more depressed, with the treasure armor in the body, how to play this fight? Especially see wei yan a man-eating appearance, zhang feibi ate flies are uncomfortable, if there is no that treasure armor, you have hung up, how also a grievance, the grievance is me?"I was ordered to meet with general cheng, if it is convenient, want to go to the camp of general cheng and his party."双百企业名单These words alone, has been enough to explain, opposite wei under the army even put aside weapons, armor, is also a worthy of the elite, let zhuge liang worry more, the army into shu, obviously not lyu3 bu4 under any expenditure name of elite.

双百企业名单Soon, Xing Daorong came back, also brought with him the military doctor help guan yu healing."My lord horse on the day of luoyang, bright is to give up an official position, also want to protect the yuan. Zhuge liang shook his head and never gave way.Lu su at the moment dressed in armor, Standing on the top of the wall, Looking at guan yu's camp from afar, this time under orders, he is really feel the horror of guan yu, even this time, will be in suppression pretty more He Qi veteran recruit to help themselves, but these days and pretty more fierce fighting, is the soldiers of jiangdong strong army, in the face of guan yu, was obviously pressed a head.

"What about jun?" Asked Zhuge Liang, closing his eyes."Yuan, even if elite not out, our forces are still on top of zhang fei, why don't you take advantage of its main force before, first eat the troops? Just general zhang to shu soldiers head-on with the enemy, I rate elite men from the flank attack, will be able to break zhang fei." Wei Yan in the gates watching Zhang Fei drink scold, dirty words greeted Pang Tong over and over again, Wei Yan ancestral eighteen generations of female members, Wei Yan looks a little ugly way.双百企业名单




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