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深圳男士美容|越野卡丁车车架North palace from zheng looked at lyu3 bu4, some blankly looked at the hands of zaoyang slimming, a kind of unspeakable pain suppressed in the heart, clearly he has a strength, has not burst out, but has lost, this feeling, let him quite uncomfortable."Eldest brother, they killed father and second brother!" Cried Ma Tie mournfully, lying on his horse.Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo ~

"Now the world family, How much belonging, "and with that previou reputation and practice of the tetrarch, Even in the name of the royal family, In a short time, In addition to the wealthy families in the Xiliang area, It is difficult to get the family to work, as for the west cool area of the big family, after the first world war, it is difficult to pose a threat to the tetrarch, we can take this opportunity to involve these big family in the three studies, when the time is ripe in the future, our army into the central plains, is the family to join, as long as the tetrarch reigns for a day, then no one can shake the three studies. ""General Mu Zan!" Bone Wu Ma flattered, hurriedly humble way.深圳男士美容|"To be honest?" Lyu3 bu4 will look at giffin, his heart has a plan to settle the qiang people, lyu3 bu4 also believe that if the plan is implemented in place, will speed up the qiang people into the han people, 100 years later, the guanzhong land without qiang han, just giffin said honesty, obviously not this.

深圳男士美容|Half a day's journey, far away has been able to see the reflection of the moon lake light, santa narrowed his eyes, chest is heavy depressed hum 1, this time, must let the moon lake pay the price, let them know, who is the owner of this land."I have consulted with Wen He, if managed by the Han people, there must be many contradictions, the interests of the Qiang people could not be guaranteed, This has nothing to do with the system, In the early years, the court also sincerely hoped to accept the Qiang people, It's just a matter of getting there by decree, Officials misinterpreted, It tends to change the flavor, So if this time the patriarch agrees to build the city, Heishan county, county commandant will be elected from among the white water qiang people, Qiang people, qiang people, In addition, this place connects Xiliang and Chang'an, Although not the main road, but also a hub, I intend to water twenty miles away from YuanMen zheng county to establish a market, as a place where qiang people and han people trade, exchange, Montenegro can send three people to join the management market, I will send special people to teach management, lest qiang people simple, deceived by black-hearted traders, but... "Lyu3 bu4 quickly spread out bamboo paper, quickly looked down, his face gradually become green, this is xiao kill in the tent, was immediately shrouded in a suppressed breath, is d, north palace from such a tough, also can't help but feel a repression, look at lyu3 bu4 together.

"Three thousand?" Seibel nodded: "I want to lead five thousand elite people, stationed in the north county, you will continue to stay in huaili, training recruits, while sending someone to changan for help, I will write a letter, please general wen yuan to help."Lyu3 bu4's eyes fell in front of the place not far away, quietly watching.Hot feeling came from the cheek, zhang both touched a hand, wet, into the eyes scarlet, if the arrow cluster half a minute, at the moment zhang is afraid is already a corpse, immediately became pale, subconsciously back two steps, will just stir up a little morale drain clean.深圳男士美容|




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