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库洛纳斯|内蒙古赤峰二中Wei yan looked at the jun quickly returned to meng jin, helplessly a sigh, a hold on chen xing horses, looking at chen xing gradually dim down the face, sigh a way: "general chen can have last words?"Some are ashamed, but wait for a lot of is proud, sweet smile way: "Sure enough, temuzhen adult is much better than step to root that don't understand the style of the reckless man.""Our words speak louder and louder." Falling in grant with a wave of his hand, eyes looked down to the army, all cavalry, with the commanding general, have stopped at the place of an arrow, neat, apparently well-trained.

"Quickly open the city!" Chen Xing impatiently waved and snapped."No!" Murong stating at the moment just found some wrong, temuzhen army in front of us, their families were killed together, if this time lyu3 bu4 attack..."All right, send a team to occupy Mayi first!" Giffin sink a track.库洛纳斯|A middle-aged man dressed as a general bit his teeth and stood up to lyu3 bu4 with a fuels: "at the end of the Jiang Li, see general."

库洛纳斯|D smell speech, immediately lack of interest, aside from the pound asked with a smile: "strategist how to prepare to deploy? If necessary, will be willing to serve at the end of the?"Xu togeher as one of the four counsellors of lombardi, As a matt of principle, Even if not as respected as the native cremation of the Tian family, Also not to be snubbed, but xu togeher although talented, just character greed, usually not less use of their hands to ask for bribes, so in lombardi's four counselors, xu togeher is the most unpopular one, but xu togeher this person, have eyes, can't touch, he is absolutely not to provoke."Get out of here!" Hsiung broad sea with He Yi's body in one hand, with a bronze stick in the other hand, saw lyu3 bu4 stop marching, hurriedly called a title of generals in ancient times camp soldiers retreat, a title of generals in ancient times camp soldiers will be dragged on the body of the robes, have out of the city.

"Monseigneur, it is one of us!" A begging volley fighter recognized the bearer, a change of face, hurriedly came forward to help each other down from the horse.Liang Xing with several xianbei generals around the fire, But the thief is mighty, Jin Lianchuan is not a city after all, With twenty thousand men invariably attacking, Fragile defences quickly collapsed, followed by a bitter fight, Those tu everyone, moon people, zero people and wolf qiang people as if crazy, see people cut, surging horseshoes, again and again will Liang Xing organized hand crushed, even tribal people also picked up the weapon at the moment, but in the face of these apparently war-torn hetao soldiers, the old, weak, women and children who stay vulnerable.With such a mind, match let a person overnight fast horse will send letters to the front, oneself continue to complete the point of the rations.库洛纳斯|




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