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红旗漫漫txt贵州益佰复方斑蝥胶囊"Lu bu must have an army dedicated to intelligence investigation. His intelligence may be more accurate than ours." Guo jia nodded and looked at cao cao and said, "with xiao hu's power in the steet, if he himself led the troops and then gave them a little grace, why worry about the slaves not taking their lives? Once launched, the sky will fall and the earth will split. My Lord, perhaps lv bu is ready to invade the city, so we should not hesitate. Otherwise, we will lose the first chance.In the cao camp, xun you frowned and said, "is yuan shang attacking the city?"

"Actions speak louder than words! Jia xu remembered some of lv bu's catchphrases, smiling at guo jia, but in the heart is mercilessly relieved.But the matter has so far, regret has been useless, in the face of lv bu, he has now fled no escape, can only take a gun against."Oh?" Liu yewen said, eyes a bright, forward two steps, carefully look up and down.红旗漫漫txtRough voice over and over on the spacious tinker, a group of women under the urging of lyu3 bu4 back up their bags, a group of girls some do not suit the style of lyu3 bu4 suddenly changed obviously, but still quickly back up the bags, there is a little lyu3 bu4 right, these are all Addis hand-picked to woman, and quashed battle of the western regions, played well, regardless of the strength, physical strength and endurance, all passes through the system training, regardless of gender, each on the army, is elite, but also have a psychological preparation to accept lyu3 bu4 training, at the moment of quality, Even the hussars who were watching were astonished.

红旗漫漫txt"Keats obeyed." Keats nodded and hesitated. "it's just that the Lord has been too cruel to a group of women.""Yi DE, that's why I dare not take you there!" Liu bei hated iron not to become steel of looking at zhang fei, bitter way: "you my brothers 3 people, since the chaos of the yellow turban already acquaintance, the intersection, this nearly 20 years come, big rise and fall greatly, experienced numerous strong wind big wave, for the elder brother can have censure you? Now I wait for a good foothold jingxiang, CAI MAO easy to kill, but after killing him? You and I continue to roam the world? If so, when?"

As a result, even though lu bu is not busy in daily life, his efficiency is always the highest. Of course, those things that are filtered out will be tested regularly. If there is any omission, the person handling it will be punished.However, if you dare to violate the decree of lv bu, you will starve to death. Even if you get the horse, you will not be able to pass the test."This...... "Yang fu turns the eye to jia xu, see jia xu however one pair reads the appearance of copy earnestly, have to wry smile way:" Lord, young lady came back.红旗漫漫txt





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