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pta上市公司冰雪儿.冰肌白In zhou yu's camp, lv meng put on a lamp and studied the map together with zhou yu. Under the uncertain light, zhou yu determined the route of the march and whether there were any omissions in the overall plan again and again."Honking! Seibel glanced at by jun bodies, there are two thousand of his sword and shield, let out a sigh in the heart, look at the direction of the jun, the men of the manipulation of the broken crossbows power are used up and down again and casualties will aggravate, dynamic jun has lost momentum, the power of this new weapons tried again, already did not need to continue here with jun screwing."Well!" "The nighthawk bowed hurriedly.

"Shorts? Bass?" Zhang song glanced over the list. Some he knew, some he had never heard."More than half a year." Ford shook his head. "I can't remember."'pardon me! Nighthawk was a quiver, hurriedly prostrate on the floor, owl camp under three, night burn in the western regions, and collect training death, the nightingale is responsible for transferring information, nighthawk is dedicated to kill and to protect the safety of lyu3 bu4 small and some of the etiquette, but also has the meaning of monitoring, because it is directly responsible to the lu bu and, therefore, nighthawk actually master the right to far more than burn, the nightingale two department, and therefore, lyu3 bu4 preliminary into night owls camp, already had expressly, owl camp three, can't ask politics.pta上市公司"At the end of my life, I will serve only one governor!" Lv meng said emphatically.

pta上市公司"It is about time. In these days, you will secretly mobilize the troops and horses."Exchanges, the two countries will not be the nose, after a little absence, lyu3 bu4 then found wrong, what they actually don't need to worry about ZhuGeLiangYou new inventions, he want to do, is growing, any towers big idea, in the face of the real power, is a paper tiger, as long as strong enough, no need to worry about what the enemy will be made moth, his promotion average-land system, have to face the world family disapproval of ambition, but now he was zhuge liang a move to the wrong mind, only this one, have to zhuge liang long enough, think afterwards, lyu3 bu4 also feel some funny, He did not lose in front of these historical advisers, but lost a book by luo guanzhong."Nervous? Lyu3 bu4 looked at half a gun in the hand of the lu zheng, frowning slightly, indeed, the fame of zhuge liang let lyu3 bu4 have some pressure, but the rest of wind waves are seen, cao cao, huck, giffin, sun ce, zhou yu and Carthage, these enjoys high reputation in the later generations together in Athens or lean, which didn't in lyu3 bu4 those eaten kui, fear is not to say.

'what? Zhang fei wen speech, jump up directly, look at zhuge liang way: "you are not said foolproof?"Compared with liu bei, cao cao's side is about much more miserable, seibel quickly understand the intention of cao cao, the three thousand crossbows are mounted on the wall above, seibel troops out of the city, and every day, don't continue to hard to touch, but in single crossbow in the range of advantages, as long as cao cao where air strikes, brings people rushed up to with arrows, put a fire, when cao cao goes to support, seibel never engage, directly with the person to retreat."My father thinks highly of the emperor's uncle. Before he came here, he had made a special request that when he saw him this time, he must worship his son and nephew." "Liu bowed.pta上市公司




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