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攻喜欢在受里面睡觉|搜"Then give me another military forces, I don't believe, those new shu army can also be compared with the guanzhong elite. Zhang Fei refuses to accept the airway."Then add another layer, anyway, the rattan shield light, the two sides of the rattan shield stack together, also can't add much weight. Zhang fei also don't want to."Hmm?" Zhang fei saw the bearer's banner, unexpectedly is the home, rather than wei yan, and look at each other's military forces, although the number of people than wei yan guanzhong elite, but only look at spirit, compared with wei yan that elite, the military forces is a bunch of mob.

"Hey, that's hard to say, kongming is usually a modest gentleman style, but not corrupt, if necessary, he can do it." Pang tong shook his head and laughed, to say here most know zhuge liang, I'm afraid it's him, that guy can belly black malicious, although two people also enemy also friend, but this time, as long as there is a chance, zhuge liang absolutely don't mind die of Yin himself."Boom ~"Zhang Fei was a little irritable and swung the Zhang's eight snake spear away. All around the guanzhong army slay, suddenly looked up, looked at the enemy array, methodically commanding the battle of wei yan, a pair of beast-like eyes flashed a fierce light, suddenly growled, no longer pay attention to ordinary soldiers, crotch black cone tread snow seems to feel the master's heart, scream, rushed in the crowd.攻喜欢在受里面睡觉|Luoyang city, around the hot discussion of the news, and lyu3 bu4 as a party, but sat in the hall of a title of generals in ancient times, looking at a group of red-faced officials for the king.

攻喜欢在受里面睡觉|On the other side, Zhang Fei also met him and looked at Zhuge Liang and said, "Kong Ming, how is it going?"Until late at night, Cheng Fang bid farewell to Lu Zheng, looking through a military book in the camp, He came from a poor family, When I was young, I didn't have the ability to study, until the changan bookstore of lyu3 bu4 popularized books, into just really have the opportunity to contact these, therefore, the in the mind to lyu3 bu4 is very grateful, and if not lyu3 bu4, in his capacity, is not qualified to lead an army alone, which is why ma think ChengFang, wang yuan is not good to surrender the root cause.Ma silently listened, set off a storm in the heart, hard to imagine, a young man in his early teens, unexpectedly have such a rich experience, more difficult to imagine, lyu3 bu4 unexpectedly willing to throw his son to the battlefield.

"Looks like three more defeats?" Ma sneer at a way."General, let them get away!" Xing Daorong some depressed came to guan yu, sink a track.Lu su commanded the men to push down the corpse on the wall, there are enemies, also have their own people, has begun to dry up the dark red blood and the corpse interweave, in the sunset, as jiujiang county, at the moment the YinLing like a piece of shura hell.攻喜欢在受里面睡觉|





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