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年线励学南大考研网This row crossbow is the failure of the artisan camp when study even crossbows, each frame can simultaneously nine missiles JianCu, and according to lu bu, the nine JianCu launch is a fan-shaped direction, strength, although lost many, but within fifty paces, a layer of armor, and still can penetrate and fills to save trouble, have special well crossbow box, can advance to nine was good, fixed on the special stent, directly above the crossbow bracket will be taken when using, the crossbow box according to go up, even than fills a crossbow arrow was easy."Wang wang ~"

"Who wins and who loses, boast but dare not assert." Jia xu shook his head and said, "but the Lord could have thought, if the outcome of the competition and how?""It seems to be the guest brought back by the elder lady." Zhang was amazed, as if she had brought back a wonderful person.Jiluzhai, qinhu daying.年线Lyu3 bu4 wrinkly frown, this kind of war method, actually have some kind of embryonic form of special operation, this girl in this respect, actually have some kind of talent really.

年线As for the slaves, they were sent back to xiliang by lu bu. The pyramid system in yongliang has been implemented. These slaves were sent back to work hard, build cities, cultivate farmland and dig the veins of mines.Jia xu looked down at the saddle, right foot movement, but found that the other side also has a stirrup, although the han dynasty horse has stirrup, but it is unilateral stirrup, the role is to make people easier to mount the horse, now the other side also appeared, jia xu a foot on, suddenly understand the role of these things."Your excellency atoned, and the subordinates lost their manners." Zhang shook his head and looked at Chen gong dao with a wry smile.

Although guo jia is very clear yuan shao's shortcoming, but the advantage of the other side is equally obvious, at least at present, most include cao cao's family are standing in yuan shao there, perhaps can disdain, but this point, can not ignore, cao cao can not lose, even if lost a battle, is likely to collapse.Liu bao brandish the arrow arrow that the bow flits to come over, look at this flat hair beast coldly, see the other side also is looking at him however, as if want to remember him general.Volume four the horse steps the Yin mountain年线




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