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黄可29秒视频截图|石家庄售楼处装修"Report to ~ report to the general, Korea hence the army has to fifty miles away!""Poof-poof-poof ~""Thank you master love." Giffin said with a smile.

"So soon?" Lyu3 bu4 frowned, a wave of his hand, behind the cavalry immediately put on an attack.Nearly 3,000 Han troops formed a conical array with Lu Bu as the apex behind Lu Bu, A pair of hot eyes tightly staring at lyu3 bu4 hands raised the party day painting ji, the army, has been following lyu3 bu4 victory after victory, successfully honed out a kind of my invincible spirit, compared to the past, has already changed, become a real elite division."Yes!" The guard promised and turned away.黄可29秒视频截图|"Just now lyu3 bu4 has intervened, zhang liao, seibel is not easy, our army is now available to burn when the king's men, but also eighty thousand, burn when the king is unwilling to contribute, and to two lines of battle, the enemy refused to keep the city, plus changan direction of support, I'm afraid the war will be deadlocked." ChengGongYing worry, because worry about qiang people defection, the draw to suppress d military forces, almost all is the han army, add up to but thirty thousand, instead of burning when the old king brought fifty thousand people this time.

黄可29秒视频截图|Baling, wei camp."Master!" Outside, xun yu hurried in, heavy to cao cao see ceremony."Watch out!" D complexion for a moment as if about to drop water, stuffy hum 1, leaping horse whip, when the first galloping away.

"Arrows!"..."Go!" A dozen reins, lyu3 bu4 with the army toward the direction of the moon lake.黄可29秒视频截图|




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