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娝娞阁鞋花"Blood!" Pound sank."General Ho Man is here, the thief won't give up!" He Man saw someone unexpectedly after the break, immediately great anger, rushed up, mouth voice has not finished, the hands of the copper rod has been swung up."Notice carefully, closely monitor lyu3 bu4 trend." Korea hence frowned, according to the information before, lyu3 bu4 is not without brave, west cool side so big movement, he had no reason to have no reaction.

"Xu Rong?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at the man, his face suddenly changed, some sigh a way: "Li Guo rebellion, Hu Zhen defected, heard that you died in the rebels, don't want to meet here today."Lyu3 bu4 smiled, There was no answer, Just looking up, and swallowed the myelin wash in his hand into his mouth, This period of time, he can clearly feel the loss of strength and physical weakness, his body in the old, however, he can't old, at least not now, he needs his crown the world's force to conquer the qiang people, to open the silk road, so that the conference semifinals dare not look directly at, no moment, more than now desire time to stay on their own body."This..." They smell speech can't help but silence, even d, also don't have confidence in this case, with five thousand fighters against the huns, lyu3 bu4 although many, but on the ride, no one can compare with lyu3 bu4.娝娞阁"Meng Qi, make Ming." Looking at them, Marten said with a smile, "This time the Han court came to make envoys, and asked me to join forces with your uncle Wen Yue to beg for the thief Lv Bu, for the father has promised them, to take Meng Qi as the main general, to make the Ming vice, led the troops twenty thousand, to cooperate with the imperial army, to beg for Lv Bu."

娝娞阁Until they left, Yang Wangcai feebly sat down and looked at the direction of the back hall of the log cabin with a wry smile: "Brother Wen He, this time not disappointed."Lyu3 bu4 quickly spread out bamboo paper, quickly looked down, his face gradually become green, this is xiao kill in the tent, was immediately shrouded in a suppressed breath, is d, north palace from such a tough, also can't help but feel a repression, look at lyu3 bu4 together."Thank you, sis." Big Joe pretty face reddish, hurriedly got up, pass good clothes, push still pretending to sleep of little Joe, came to the sable cicada, gently a blessing way.

"You..." At smell speech looked at the country can't say a word, Not to love that month of wine money, country is a wine tank, YingChuan xun also can afford him, just at suddenly thought, last time, the country is to use the death of sun ce, cheated him away for a month of wine money, look alert, looked at the country: "filial piety don't want to help the lyu3 bu4?"Lyu3 bu4 to the railing by a press, burly body in the air a beautiful turn, stable landing, in the eyes of the surrounding soldiers worship, toward these soldiers for their camp.Chapter 18 bloodstained robe娝娞阁




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