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寄鍋みやび|贇ッChapter forty-one preludeHan sui thought about it, nodded and said, "you have to pay attention to the handsome, if you can help me calm lyu3 bu4 as soon as possible, han sui is grateful."Giffin will leave the north palace to lyu3 bu4 saidIt was getting dark, As one of that 12 part of Baishui qiang, Highest seniority is also the most powerful one, Yang Wangs tribe nature is the site of the sacrifice, a witch has been singing prayers on the altar built, countless qiang people devoutly toward the altar crawling down, hundreds of torches and dozens of fires, the lights of the whole tribe.

"At the end of the day!" Chen xing promised to say goodbye, left seibel a person standing in the city head, looking at the distance gradually receding west cool army, shook his head, commanded around to step up defense, although through this defeat, d army morale was completely covered down, but d if line of risk, this time is also the most relaxed defenders, but easy to accomplish.Warning?Must be a candidate!寄鍋みやび|At this point, a small school suddenly hurried to Korea hence side, looked around, close to Korea hence ear whispered: "master, just came the news, guarding the north seibel, zhang liao abandon guarding the north county, is heading for the pastoral slope."

寄鍋みやび|An icy cluster of arrows soared into the air, Ruthlessly toward those who rushed to the army of the west cool army fall, Even in the old robes, this time, if the army was washed up, then, they will also be carried into the series of routed troops, d know this, so he relentlessly ordered to kill routed troops, pound also know, so his expression is as cold, without mercy.Silently nodded, marotta directly got up and left, thin figure, with a few minutes hesitation, in the empty hall, appears particularly lonely."Here!" People smell speech, generously should be ordered, Korea hence although there are hundreds of people, but these people follow lyu3 bu4 a victory, there is a blind trust in lyu3 bu4, as long as there is lyu3 bu4, there is no battle not to win!

Looked at a flash by zhang liao chong seven hundred and eighty fall of the army, with a wry smile, suddenly gave birth to a feeling of frustration, where to withdraw? With zhang liao this new force to join, was already forced to the end of the pound will be revitalized again, with the huns retreat, and pound camp for a long time, Korea hence the morale of the army has been low, now come a zhang liao, will his last morale completely scattered.Hear lyu3 bu4 words, the woman's bright eyes flashed a strange light, then feel a cool body, the skirt of the body slipped down, was blocked in the mouth issued a few sobs, clear eyes eager to lyu3 bu4, seems to want to say what?"Almost." Again a few times, found that the enemy has no response, Chen Xing led the team back to the city to the lieutenant: "Go, now is the best time."寄鍋みやび|




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