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埃章国际教育信息网|扬帆教育"Didn't the duke catch one of them not long ago? Why go too far?" Pang tong leaned back in his chair and said with a pie in his mouth."Certainly! Think of oneself that just learned to walk of son, lyu3 bu4 can not help but smile, in the heart that unspeakable exhaustion also sweep away empty, this family needs oneself to protect, oneself have no reason that fail."Well!" Xiahou dun silently nodded, waved, with all the generals and pro - wei left, leaving cao cao alone to guo jia's body in a daze.

After all, the hussars had been chosen from the ranks of the soldiers who had made them bayonets. They were all good soldiers, but now they had to admire the fact that these women were no worse than they had been.He sighed gently and closed the book. The sable cicada looked at the book of shield armour and wondered, "why does my husband sigh?"< / p > < p > on the other side, liu bei with two will have set foot on the road to nanyang.埃章国际教育信息网|"Fengxiao, don't eat the five stones again." Cao cao worried a look at the spirit suddenly from weak to excited guo jia, sighed.

埃章国际教育信息网|Behind the cavalry, however, a black army was advancing slowly, and a sharp creak could be heard a long way off.Pound knew that this old martial art was very good, and now he was a war horse, which was not good for him. He immediately got low and fell on the dead horse. When han rong galloped into the door, he suddenly cut off the horse's leg with a knife, but he was also hit on the back by the shot that han rong fell down and almost lost his temper."Oh?" Addis slightly narrowed his eyes, this movement is with lyu3 bu4 learned, in this case, on behalf of the big miss is really angry, took a deep breath, snapping fingers the way: "let me calculate, xuande with schmit, and then the sun hae-chan, jung is the north sea, and then ran to the tao qian, um, and cao cao, it has been five surname, xuande male, who you are now ready to pit, little women help you count together."

Giffin frowning slightly, this spirit of adventure indeed let lyu3 bu4 firmly established step by step, each time for lyu3 bu4 best great benefits, but also, the risk and benefit are often are equivalent, lyu3 bu4 now already is a warlord, world hegemony, it with as much lyu3 bu4 self-made, at that time, when lu bu so a little money, even if lost the bottle, start all over again, he lost, but now, when the lyu3 bu4 become one party governors, this spirit of adventure has become a disadvantages, even lose on a reputation of lu bu is also a huge blow, it's hard to keep the former invincible image.He sighed gently and closed the book. The sable cicada looked at the book of shield armour and wondered, "why does my husband sigh?"Spent lyu3 bu4 and giffin yecheng this place a lot of work has now become a dikes, JiZhou decorate also so far fall short, yuan is still dead, JiZhou thoroughly without land, like lyu3 bu4 say, how much can take all the connection, cao cao is naturally dominate the family advantages, but zhang liao should almost solved the troup over there, as long as you state to pacify, lyu3 bu4 and zhang liao, grab a few county is no problem.埃章国际教育信息网|





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