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逍遥魔神传|青岛黄页Cao cao did not refuse, a look at the behind liu bei guan yu and huang zhong, if necessary, but you don't mind with huang zhong and guan yu, the line of people have made camp, and one will eventually come up with, with the central plains war in actually doesn't matter much, no matter who finally got the world, joins is that pay state status has been decided that this world and they do not have what thing, but he was curious lyu3 bu4 how many strong, how of an army of ten thousand men let hand three hundred thousand soldier cao cao so formally.Cao cao could react, but see each other above the shield wall, suddenly appeared a guardian, a Zhang Jin crossbow stand above the shield wall, to those at sea is equipped with a fusillade, crossbows, and range than the previous encounter even equipped with further, from xh captured a few even crossbows and crossbow, even the crossbow range is two hundred steps, as far as the crossbow is less than this range, is want to be a second catapult Cao Caocai suppress equipped with each other.

"Lunch, Sir... "One girl said.< / p > < p > on the other side, guan yu with hundreds of residual troops back to jingzhou army battalion, liu bei saw guan yu a face embarrassed back, and then did not speak, directly fell on his knees in front of liu bei, not surprised: "cloud long, why so?"Take your men down, old man, and let me in the armour that has gathered round the gate. Lv bu turned his head and looked at the magnificent sea path.逍遥魔神传|Zhou yu raised his head and looked behind zhang fei. But he saw a cultured young man coming out from behind zhang fei, under the protection of several soldiers.

逍遥魔神传|"No! < / p > < p > rear, xia houyuan face a change, gao shun this is deliberately retreat, opened the distance between the cavalry and infantry, at the moment retreat, it is too late, immediately shouted: "continue to charge!"Go on." Lyu3 bu4 stand up, clap clap the dust of body, some smile, son say of good, big wave of strong wind all come over, a green and green zhuge ge village man, however by later generations deify, how can be frightened by a name? His present, not worse than the history of cao cao, or even stronger, a zhuge liang, but also put down their own.Jingzhou, xiangyang.

The sudden arrow rain directly hit cao jun meng, this was the first time they encountered across a square to beat another square, the arrow's range, at least four hundred steps."Uncle an, do you know the agent?" Zhou yu shook his head and suddenly asked in reply."Wrong again, not to help him, but to help you." Fa zheng said with a smile, "the troops in shu have not been attacked for a long time, the weapons have been stored in storage, and the soldiers in ma fang's army are just like the young boys and strong men in our army. Moreover, brother zi qiao, in a wantless word, even without you, there might be some trouble, but if our army were to enter shu, you would not be able to stop it. Moreover, brother zi qiao does not really think that no one in shu is willing to cooperate with our Lord except you?"逍遥魔神传|





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